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St Margaret Clitherow

RC Primary School, Stevenage

Jesus is our guide, let us follow him

Catholic Life at St Margaret Clitherow

Chaplaincy Team

Our Chaplaincy Team is formed of children from across KS2. They have a variety of ministries within the school, which include maintaining a weekly ‘Mission of the Week’ display board, supporting with and leading key stage and whole school assemblies, serving in Masses and being responsible role models within the school.

The school uses the Wednesday Word each week in assembly. As a whole school we explore the Gospel message and then the children link this message to one of our School Values.

Further information is available on the following website.

Local Parishes

St Hilda's Church
9 Breakspear, Stevenage, SG2 9SQ
Tel: 01438 352182

Transfiguration of Our Lord Church
4 Basils Road, Stevenage, SG1 3PX
Tel: 01438 226857

St Joseph's Church
Bedwell Crescent, Stevenage, SG1 1NJ
Tel: 01438 351243

St Thomas More Church
72 London Road, Knebworth, SG3 6HB
Tel: 01438 813303


We raise funds for the following charities throughout the year.

Please click on the links below to visit their websites.


Language Festival

In 2022 we held a Languages Festival to celebrate the diversity of our wonderful school community through language.  

The Languages Festival comprised of language activities both in class and across a central hub of stalls, each dedicated to a specific language, that children visited with their class year group. Behind the scenes, several language stalls were developed by our parent community, with each showcasing a specific language and culture. 

All the children were invited to come to school dressed in the colours of a specific flag. This could be the flag of a country that the child has a connection with, ie members of their family may have been born in that country or the child may have family currently living there. It was a wonderfully exciting day!

Corpus Christi

Our Corpus Christi Procession is an annual event which takes place in June. Our children and families donate flowers for each Altar and the local Parish community are invited to join with us. Please enjoy the photos below to see the beautiful procession.

Adoremus 2018

Adoremus 2018 was launched with our whole community at our celebration of the Corpus Christi where our Year 3s led the Blessed Sacrament procession.

Adoremus means 'Let us adore' and invites us to renew and deepen our faith in, and devotion towards, the presence of the Lord Jesus in the Eucharist - both in the celebration of the Mass and in adoration and prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

This year we will be using the Diocese of Westminster's Adoremus programme to increase our knowledge of the Eucharist, its history and our Eucharist faith.

Love in Action

We are proud to be a diverse community, fully representative of the Universal Catholic Church.

Our school is participating in LOVE IN ACTION a programme designed to help inspire the faith of our whole community. Developing each of us to preserve the dignity of all human beings, care for creation and to reach out to our sisters and brothers in need.

An essential part of the Catholic faith, the key values of Catholic Social Teaching (CST) are found at the core of the Gospel. The key themes of CST are:

-  Human Dignity
-  Community & Participation
-  Care for Creation
-  Dignity in Work
-  Option for the Poor
-  Solidarity and Peace

The key themes will be explored at various points throughout the year.

“We can all do something to extend the hand of friendship to those who need us.” Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

Please take a look at our Love in Action week booklet here

For further information, please visit: Caritas Westminster


Monday, 7th November 2016 began a themed week which drew on the whole community's cultural heritage.

As hearts appeared on the SHINE tree there was so much going on throughout the school exploring the theme of SHINE TOGETHER

Together Stronger:  We thought about how we can work together to shine and also considered that Catholics do not shine on their own: we are STRONGER TOGETHER as a group of Christians.  We thought about the Christian groups in Stevenage and created a STRONG CHAIN and considered that it is Jesus that joins us together and helps us to shine brightly!

Beautiful Diversity:
 We thought about our amazing diverse links across the world … a rich heritage that is also the rich heritage of the universal Catholic Church. Our ‘roots’ are a key part of our identity and help to make us who we are today; we celebrate this beautiful diversity and think about the beautiful rich tapestry that is created when all of the nations come together under our school roof.· All nations are called to be Jesus’ disciples – we all have a place in God’s family and we all share in his love.

We are proud to be a diverse community, fully representative of the Universal Catholic Church.
Our strength comes from unity in this diversity and in our love for our neighbours across the world.

Local Catholic Primary Schools

Our Lady Catholic Primary School
Website: www.ourladys.herts.sch.uk

St Thomas More Catholic Primary School
Website: www.strcjmi.herts.sch.uk

St Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School
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Prayer Intentions

Prayer is an important part of school life. We come together in class, assemblies and at Mass time to pray as a community. Praying helps us to establish a stronger relationship with the Lord.

If you have any prayer intentions that you would like the children to pray for, please either let the school office know or email prayers@clitherow.herts.sch.uk.

Prayer intentions will be placed in a special box on our Altar.


St Margaret Clitherow
Feast Day: 30th August
Patron Saint of businesswomen, converts and martyrs

St Bernadette
Feast Day: 16th April
Patron Saint of the poor and sick

St Cecilia
Feast Day: 22nd November
Patron Saint of musicians and church music

St Francis
Feast Day: 4th October
Patron Saint of animals and animal welfare societies

St Paul
Feast Day: 29th June
Patron Saint of writers and authors

School Prayers

Morning and afternoon prayers are said in each classroom.  These may be chosen by the teacher.  Prayers that are often used are as follows:

Mission Statement and School Prayer
Jesus lives in us, our families, our school, our church, our world. Jesus is our guide, let us follow Him.

A morning Prayer
Oh my God you love me, You're with me night and day, I want to love You always, In all I do and say,I'll try to please You Father, Bless me through the day

A lunchtime Prayer
Thank you for the food we eat, Thank you for the world so sweetThank you for the birdds that sing, Thank you God for everything

Afternoon Prayer
God our Father, we come to say, Thank You for Your love todayand all the friends You give to me, Guard me in the dark of nightand in the morning send Your light

Our School Values

Our school values are based on the Kingdom of God.

It is an opportunity to take Christ’s teaching into the heart of our faith and our school. Jesus taught constantly about “the kingdom of God”. This concept was at the centre of his teaching and life –we want to have the same at St. Margaret Clitherow School.

Our mission is to do all we can to bring signs of God’s mercy, compassion and justice into the world. This is the mission Jesus has entrusted us to do. If we have faith in Him, we will witness how he can help us to help others.

Our values are:  Love,  Peace,  Truth,  Justice,  Goodness,  Forgiveness,  Faith,  Hope, Courage and  Freedom.

Please click the powerpoint below to find out more about our values.

Worship Diary

Please visit our school calendar on the main page to view our planned events.