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St Margaret Clitherow

RC Primary School, Stevenage

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Our Learning / Music

Music at St. Margaret Clitherow School

Our aim is to inspire children, while developing their understanding of music and their ability and confidence as performers, through the three strands of the Music Curriculum: performing, composing, and appraising.

How is our curriculum delivered?

Children develop their own confident singing voice by learning to perform simple songs, rhymes and chants before moving on to more complex performances as they move through the school. Children learn how to play a variety of unpitched and pitched instruments with musicality, thinking about their effect, reading graphic scores and standard notation where appropriate. There are many opportunities to share their performances with their peers and our wider community.  

Children listen to music from a range of traditions, describing the qualities of the sounds they hear and the effect of the music on the listener. They learn to recognise patterns and structure of the music their listen to, before using this knowledge, as well as their own experience, when composing their own pieces of music which they record in a variety of ways and perform to each other.

Music Learning

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