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St Margaret Clitherow

RC Primary School, Stevenage

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Our Learning / MFL

Modern Foreign Languages at St. Margaret Clitherow School

We believe that learning a modern foreign language is an exciting and invaluable educational, social and cultural experience. The MFL taught formally across KS2, is French.

By the end of Year 6 we not only aim to have laid the foundations for future language learning through the four key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, but to give our pupils an appreciation of other cultures and communities.

How is our curriculum delivered?

A progressive curriculum is formally taught from Year 3, with language skills being developed through topic areas, eg Animals, Family, Weather and Weekend Activities, and French grammar teaching running alongside each topic throughout the year.

MFL Learning

Please scroll through the gallery below for a flavour of MFL learning at our school

How can I help at home?

Regular practice is key to language learning and development of skills. Ask your son/daughter what they are learning in French and get them to teach you some phrases from their class current topic. There are also lots of interactive games for each topic area that your child can play and, in so doing, consolidate their language learning. Your child’s class teacher will provide login details.