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RC Primary School, Stevenage

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Our Learning / History

History at St. Margaret Clitherow

At St. Margaret Clitherow, we aim to develop an interest and awareness of the past and to help all pupils understand the impact individuals, groups and countries have had on society over time. We aim to foster a sense of identity through learning about the development of Britain, Europe and the World and how this has shaped our lives in the world we live in today.

How is our curriculum delivered?

Through the development of historical skills, pupils in Key Stage 1 learn about:

Through the development of historical skills and enquiry, pupils in Key Stage 2 will develop their chronological understanding of events in British, local and world history whilst learning about:

EYFS cover History through their varied curriculum and topics. Following the interests of the child and continual assessment, we adjust our provision accordingly to ensure that they meet their end of year outcomes.

How can I help from home?

You are living through History right now! Historians in the future will study the beginning of this this century, including the recent coronavirus pandemic. Below is a link to a time capsule activity you might link to fill in. Could it be used as a source of evidence in the future? Or you could save it to remind your future self of what you were thinking and feeling at this time.

Here is an online game to help your child deepen their understanding of The Great Fire ofLondon. Your child will experience what it was like to live through the fire in1666 by helping eight-year-old Tom Porter fight the fire and escape to the river, as well as examining the historical evidence that tells us about the past.

The HistoricRoyal Palaces website have some fun, interactive resources to help your childlearn about the past. Areas covered include the Tudors, the history of theTower of London and more!

Which period ofHistory interests you the most? Horrible Histories has been entertaining and informing children and adults alike about the past for several years. Based on the best-selling books by Terry Deary, here is a link to the multi-award-winning BBC TV series.

Visits to museums will often inspire an interest in topics that are being studied.