St Margaret Clitherow

RC Primary School, Stevenage

Jesus is our guide, let us follow Him


We have been working closely with Smarty Schoolwear Ltd (Park Place, Stevenage) and can now confirm that they will start stocking our school uniform. You will see that the prices are very competitive with that of Brigade Uniform, there is no minimum order value and stock is available in store or online.

Please be reminded of the following:

Girls - Winter
- Grey pinafore dress or skirt or grey or black trousers
- White polo shirt (with school badge) or plain white shirt or blouse
- Red cardigan/sweat shirt (with school badge) (compulsory)
- White socks or red, grey or black tights

Girls - Summer
- Red checked dress, red cardigan/sweat shirt (with school badge) (compulsory)

Boys - Winter
- Grey or black trousers
- White polo shirt (with school badge) or plain white shirt
- Red sweat shirt (with school badge) (compulsory)
- Grey or black socks

Boys - Summer
- Same as for winter except grey or black shorts may be worn

PE Kit
- Red t-shirt (with school badge)
- Black shorts or tracksuit bottoms (no logos)
- Trainers

- Black footwear (not trainers)

Book bag
- Nursery - Year 2

- Plain - no logos (except school badge) or brand hats.

- long hair should be tied back with modest school coloured (red, white, black or grey) hair accessories. Extreme hairstyles, including colours, coloured extensions, tramlines and close shaven styles are not permitted.

No nail varnish

- Only studs. If the earrings cannot be removed and it is not a stud (because they have just been pierced with a hoop earring), then the earrings should be covered up.