St Margaret Clitherow

RC Primary School, Stevenage

Jesus is our guide, let us follow Him

Roles & Responsibilites

Youth Leadership Team
Two representatives from each KS2 class make up the Youth Leadership Team. They meet fortnightly to discuss school wide issues and areas for improvement and are responsible for listening to and collecting the views of their class.  

Our Eco-Committee meet fortnightly to discuss ways to make our school greener and more eco-friendly. The committee is made up of two representatives from each KS2 class. They are also responsible for maintaining our school nature reserve – The Wiggly Path.

The Lunch Bunch  
The Lunch Bunch support children during lunchtimes in the dinner hall. All KS2 classes get an opportunity to take on this role throughout the year, helping support our Reception and KS1 children to tidy up, clear their dinner plates and to encourage good manners and responsible behaviour in the dining room.  

The Chaplaincy Team
Our Chaplaincy Team is formed of children from across KS2. They have a variety of ministries within the school, which include maintaining a weekly ‘Mission of the Week’ display board, supporting with and leading key stage and whole school assemblies, serving in Masses and being responsible role models within the school.

Reception Buddies
Our Year 6 children are partnered with a child from Reception during the first week of the academic year and support them throughout the year in various ways. They may spend time playing games with their buddy at break times and lunchtimes, visit their classroom to support with their reading and are positive role models for behaviour and living out our school values.    

A group of our Year 6 children are responsible for running a lunchtime library club and helping to keep the library well organised and inviting.  

Sports Ambassadors  
A group of our Year 5 children support children across the school at breaktimes and lunchtimes promoting the positive values of sport.