Monday, 7th November 2016 began a themed week which drew on the whole community's cultural heritage.

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As hearts appeared on the SHINE tree there was so much going on throughout the school exploring the theme of SHINE TOGETHER

Together Stronger: We thought about how we can work together to shine and also considered that Catholics do not shine on their own: we are STRONGER TOGETHER as a group of Christians. We thought about the Christian groups in Stevenage and created a STRONG CHAIN and considered that it is Jesus that joins us together and helps us to shine brightly!

Beautiful Diversity: We thought about our amazing diverse links across the world … a rich heritage that is also the rich heritage of the universal Catholic Church. Our ‘roots’ are a key part of our identity and help to make us who we are today; we celebrate this beautiful diversity and think about the beautiful rich tapestry that is created when all of the nations come together under our school roof.· All nations are called to be Jesus’ disciples – we all have a place in God’s family and we all share in his love.

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We are proud to be a diverse community, fully representative of the Universal Catholic Church.

Our strength comes from unity in this diversity
and in our love for our neighbours across the world.

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