St Margaret Clitherow

RC Primary School, Stevenage

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Our Learning / Science

Science at St. Margaret Clitherow

Science is all around us! Thus, our aim at St. Margaret’s is to unlock and nurture our children’s awe and curiosity of science and we believe investigation is the most powerful route to this. We want to strengthen their scientific thinking, to help them discover how intricately Science is linked to everything in the world - which in turn will foster a curiosity and respect for the world we live in. With purposeful, engaging, hands-on lessons we encourage all pupils to confidently explore a variety of scientific scenarios, challenge and analyse consequences of their findings and in turn deepen their understanding. We promote making links and asking further questions so they will leave school with a passion for the scientific world where they will confidently use scientific language and tools.

How is our curriculum delivered?

At Saint Margaret’s we plan lessons that are well- structured to include and develop a range of scientific skills through practical, research and theory-based learning. Throughout each unit, teachers and pupils refer to“Points to Ponder” which is a set of unit related questions linked to the real world thus encouraging them to explore possible answers as and when they learn more in class. With this creative scheme, as they progress through the school, our pupils develop more autonomy with investigations where they advance from modelled and guided investigations towards being supported in devising, constructing, and reflecting upon their own experiments and research.

Alongside this, we use “Working Scientifically Wheels” which is a list of the scientific skills they develop over their key stage. This is referred to within each lesson, so they make the appropriate link between the practical and the skill of what the learning is. This also further develops their use of rich scientific language.

Overall, our curriculum aims to develop a sense of purpose and reality to science and nurture independent thinking, link making and questioning.

How can I help at home?

Please access the following websites from home:

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