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Online Advice from the Hertfordshire Constabulary

E-Safety Policy

eSafety Advice for Parents from Herts for Learning guidance - eSafety advice

Instagram eSafety guidance

Mind the Gap

Facing up to Facebook - the magic 13!

Useful websites:

Ipad Apps

Comic life - chance to make a comic strip

Garageband - create your own music!!

iMovie - create movie trailers or your own film

Maths frogs - simple activities around 4 operations

Sock puppets - chance to record and create sock plays

Amazing Alex - similar to angry birds, making a chain reaction

Book Creator - make your own book, including texts, pictures and videos

Collins Big Cat books (8 books) - chance to read a book, be recorded, have a book 
read to you or create your own story book

Mathletics - same as online game

Puppet Pals 1 and 2 - record and create own puppet shows

Scribble press - create your own book

Hairy letters - trace the letter shape with fnger and play games to blend letter sounds

Math 3-4/3-5/4-5 - maths games

Rhyming - match the pictures that rhyme

Sort it out - sorting game

Letter practice - draw your own letters and hear sounds

Tap the frog - quick fire game

Toca Monsters - feed the monsters

Bee-Bot - programming app

Maths Wiz - quiz around 4 operations

Wordfoto - take an image and insert key words as part of the image

Corkulous - cork board for brainstorming ideas

iMotion - time lapse motion app

Monster Hung - memory game

Mysteriez: Hidden numbers - noticing game

ABC mysteries: hidden letters

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