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St Margaret Clitherow School is a wonderful hub of deep, resilient and meaningful learning, vibrant activity and spirtual focus. We hope that you enjoy finding out about us from our website.

You can find out so much about our school by taking a look at www.clitherowspeaks.wordpress.com and about how we make use of our fantastic grounds at www.wigglypath.wordpress.com. Alternatively for a flavour of daily school life, simply follow @StMClitherow or make an appointment to come and see our school in action.

At St Margaret Clitherow School every child is valued as unique with very special gifts and talents which we aim to discover and develop through an effective partnership between home, School and Church.

At St Margaret Clitherow School we are committed to Safeguarding Children


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Our School Ethos

Jesus lives in us

Our families

Our school

Our world.

Jesus is our guide.

Let us follow Him

If we stay close to Jesus, just
as St Margaret did, we go from
being children of God to
friends of God

Cardinal Nichols
July 2015

If you have any queries or require any copies of information on our website, please contact Mrs La Sala on 01438 352863 or

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